Easy Fried Cabbage Patties

Delve into the arena of culinary simplicity with FRIED CABBAGE PATTIES – a crispy and flavorful twist to standard cabbage. These golden-brown delights offer a satisfying snack or side, showcasing the magic of remodeling fundamental substances right into a crispy masterpiece. Join us in savoring the scrumptious simplicity of Fried Cabbage Patties.

Fried Cabbage Patties

Is fried cabbage good for a diet?

Yes, fried cabbage may be a suitable addition to a weight-reduction plan whilst prepared mindfully. Cabbage is low in energy and high in crucial nutrients, which includes nutrients C and K, and gives a great quantity of fiber. However, the overall healthiness of fried cabbage depends on the cooking approach and the quantity of added fats. To maintain it food plan-friendly, recall using minimum oil and choosing more healthy cooking techniques like stir-frying or baking.

Do you soak cabbage before cooking?

Soaking cabbage before cooking isn’t a vital step for all recipes, but it could be beneficial in sure instances. Soaking cabbage leaves in bloodless water can help do away with any dirt or impurities that can be gift. Additionally, soaking can slightly melt the cabbage, making it greater pliable for positive dishes like cabbage rolls.

How do you make cabbage not soggy?

To save you cabbage from becoming soggy at some stage in cooking, there are some key tips to preserve in mind. First, keep away from overcooking the cabbage, as prolonged heat can lead to excessive moisture. Opt for short cooking techniques like stir-frying to keep the crunchiness. Another approach is to salt the cabbage in brief earlier than cooking to draw out excess water, ensuring a crisp texture. Additionally, patting the cabbage dry with a smooth kitchen towel after cutting can help remove surface moisture, contributing to a less assailable cease result.

How many calories in a cabbage patty?

The quantity of energy in a cabbage patty can vary primarily based on the unique ingredients and cooking strategies used. On common, a medium-sized cabbage patty may additionally incorporate about 50 to 100 calories. However, this estimation can exchange relying on factors which include the dimensions of the patty, the amount of oil utilized in frying, and any additional components. For a more accurate assessment, it’s encouraged to calculate the energy based totally on the ideal recipe and ingredients used.

How To Make Fried Cabbage Patties? Stepwise Pic,s

Chop cabbage 750g

Boil water in a pan

Add the chopped cabbage to the boiling water

After boiling for seven to ten minutes, drain the cabbage from the water.

chopped 2 large size onion.

Crushed 2 garlic cloves

chop 1/4 bunch parsley.

take a pan and 2 TBSP olive oil include it.

for more please follow inn directions ….

Fried Cabbage Patties

Recipe by malik's chefCourse: DinnerCuisine: Other world cuisine, AmericanDifficulty: Easy


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  • 750g cabbage

  • 2 onions ( Large size )

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • 1/4 parsley ( chopped )

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp black paper

  • 4 TBSP olive oil


  • Take 750 grams of cabbage and cut it finely and heat water in a pan and put it in boiling water.
  • After boiling for seven to ten minutes, drain the cabbage from the water.
  • chopped 2 large size onion. Crushed 2 garlic cloves. chop 1/4 bunch parsley.
  • take a pan and 2 TBSP olive oil include it.
  • add chopped onion in the pan.
  • fry until Golden Brown.
  • remove the onion in the. And put the boiled cabbage on the side in a bowl.
  • add fry onion on it.
  • Now add eggs, green parsley, black pepper and salt on top of it.
  • mix it well all the ingredients
  • shape balls/ Patties
  • Now add the balls into the pan.
  • cook the both sides of balls until golden brown. serve it please

Fried Cabbage Patties Recipe Video


Does raw cabbage burn belly fat?

There is no direct proof that uncooked cabbage in particular burns stomach fat. While cabbage is low in energy and high in fiber, contributing to a wholesome food plan, spot reduction of fats in a specific region, together with the belly, is not supported by using medical proof. Weight loss is great completed via a balanced food regimen, exercising, and an normal healthful way of life.

Is fried cabbage hard to digest?

Fried cabbage can be more difficult to digest as compared to its raw or steamed counterparts. The cooking method, specifically frying, could make cabbage denser and doubtlessly purpose digestive pain for some individuals. To enhance digestibility, it’s beneficial to cook fried cabbage thoroughly, chew it properly, and mild the usage of oil inside the guidance.

Can I lose weight eating cabbage everyday?

Including cabbage in your day by day diet may be a part of a weight control plan because of its low calorie and excessive fiber content material. However, sustainable weight reduction entails a comprehensive method that includes a balanced diet, ordinary exercising, and typical wholesome conduct. Relying totally on cabbage for weight reduction may also lead to dietary deficiencies and is not a encouraged lengthy-term method.

What are the side effects of eating cabbage?

While cabbage is generally a healthful vegetable, immoderate intake can lead to side outcomes. High fiber content material may additionally reason flatulence or fuel, and individuals with thyroid issues need to be cautious due to compounds that may have an effect on iodine absorption. Some humans can also enjoy bloating or digestive soreness, specifically while cabbage is consumed uncooked or in massive amounts. Moderation is key to enjoying the health advantages of cabbage with out unfavorable results, and individuals with precise fitness issues should are seeking for advice from a healthcare expert.

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